CamCo Report: ITS Updates, SBC/SA Vacancies, Genderf14k

Editor’s note: This article was initially published in The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore’s online, daily newspaper founded in Fall 1996. As of Fall 2018, the DG has merged with The Phoenix. See the about page to read more about the DG.

ITS/communications infrastructure

Head of ITS Joel Cooper came to the meeting to discuss ITS projects. He assured CamCo that Cygnet would soon be updated and subsequent updates would happen in a more timely fashion. He also said that wireless connections in dorms will improve, as the College will focus on concentration of wireless access points, rather than merely covering the whole campus.

Over the summer, dorm phone connections will be retired, as they are too expensive to maintain given that very few people use them. The funds that were previously allocated for phone line maintenance will be directed elsewhere.

CamCo also discussed student usage of printers. In the future, students may be emailed statistics about how much they have printed so that they can moderate printer usage.

Cooper also assured CamCo that ITS will never read student email. In case of a subpoena, the emails will be transferred without anyone reading them.

SBC Chairperson/Student Assembly applications

The Student Budget Committee currently has no Chairperson. There are also vacant positions in Student Assembly. Applications for both opened yesterday and are due March 12. The SBC Chairperson will be announced March 21st, with the Student Assembly positions following the next day.


Subsidized SEPTA tickets will start again this week.

Raising awareness

Student government will make charts to better explain recent changes, which included the creation of Student Assembly and the renaming of StuCo to CamCo.

History of activism

In response to a Small Steps Forward request, CamCo is working on a plan to create a comprehensive history of Swarthmore activism. They are currently drafting an official response to the request.


Genderfuck will officially be referred to as Genderf14k, a reference to the current year. The committee has said it needs more people. There is an interest meeting next Sunday at 3 p.m. in Science Center 102.

Sharples tabling

To increase its visibility on campus, CamCo will do Sharples tabling once to twice a week with as many members present as possible.

Solo cups

Environmental Impact Chair Olivia Ortiz ‘16 wants to replace the Solo cups at Swarthmore parties. The current cups are not recyclable, while their proposed replacement is. The problem is that the recyclable cups are more expensive. CamCo is debating the financial impact such a replacement will have.

Correction, 3/5/14: Though it was ITS who informed CamCo about Cygnet updates, Cygnet continues to be an SCCS-run and managed project.

CamCo minutes can be found online here. You can submit suggestions for CamCo on the Small Steps Forward page.

Eduard Saakashvili

Eduard is a film and media studies major from Tbilisi, Georgia. He abandoned The Daily Gazette during sophomore year to focus on his career in club fencing. Big mistake.

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