Tri-Co Galleries Open Doors for September

Hello Swatties!  I On the Arts is back and here to give you the scoop on what’s interesting and artistic, both on-campus and off.  This week, I’m giving you all a preview of what’s coming up this month in the Tri-Co arts scene.

In Swarthmore’s own List Gallery, the first show of the year is “Serena Perrone: Reverie”.  Running from September 5 to October 27, this exhibit, comprised of prints and works on paper, promises to be an enchanting feast for the eyes.  Said List Gallery Director Andrea Packard in a press release, “Serena Perrone’s art explores the intersection of narrative, history, psychology, and semiotics. Her works on paper and prints prompt us to reflect upon the way we blend fact and fiction, the experienced and the imagined.”  A widely collected and celebrated young artist, Perrone’s works take visual cues from sources as diverse as Japanese landscape paintings to European fairy-tale style lithographs.  No one set of her creative pieces is like any other; studying her works on her website won’t reveal the surprises this exhibit is sure to contain.

Don’t miss the artist herself talk about her works on September 19th at 4:30 pm in LPAC Cinema (located in the Lang Performing Arts Center).  A reception at the gallery will follow.

The List Gallery is located in the Lang Performing Arts Center and is open Tuesday-Sundays from 12pm-5pm.

Haverford’s Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery opens the school year with “A Stirring Song Sung Heroic: African Americans from Slavery to Freedom, 1619 to 1865”, an exhibit of a wholly different nature.  While exhibits in the List Gallery are aimed at engaging all of the viewer’s sense, exhibits in the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery are more concerned with social issues and stories.  “A Stirring Song Sung Heroic”, which runs from September 6th to October 11th, promises to hold true in the mold of previous Cantor Fitzgerald shows.  According to the information on the website of the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, this show “documents anonymous, unheralded places across the “New World,” from the Caribbean to North America. Those images—sites of Civil War battles, slave cabins and cemeteries, stops along the Underground Railroad, and present-day historical monuments—help to tell a visual story of American slavery.”

Featuring photographs by Haverford College fine arts professor and curator of photography William Earle Williams, this exhibit will no doubt speak to the viewer powerfully about a truly awful era in our nation’s history.  Williams will deliver a lecture on September 6th at 4:30 pm, with a gallery reception to follow.   The talk and show are sure to be worth a ride on the Tri-Co shuttle.

The Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery is located in the Whitehead Campus Center and is open Monday through Friday from 1am-5pm (and until 8pm on Wednesdays), and Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm-5pm.

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