Hot Diggity Dog

A LAB IN THE FAM: Kaylee was brought into the family from Burt’s Black Dog Rescue  when she was just six months old. She was an angel from the first week home and was easy to train afterwards. Vince Formica had grown up with labrador retrievers and was always around dogs.

THE FUN PUP: This lab is energetic 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When Vince sits down to grade papers, she will come up to him with a face that reads “I WANT TO PLAY!” and will start nipping at Vince’s leg.

OH, DEARY, KAYLEE: Although she behaves well most of the time, Kaylee, like any other pet, has her moments. One day she managed to get a hold of some papers from Vince’s desk and ripped them to shreds. She was having her fun. It turns out that the papers belonged to a pile of homework assignments! Thankfully, the student was a good sport about it and told Vince that now she can say her professor’s dog ate her homework.

THE LAB LAB: Over the summer, Vince works at a field station in Blacksburg, Virginia. Faculty are welcomed to bring their dogs during what Vince calls a “science camp for adults.” Here, he spends time studying beetles. He hopes to train Kaylee to sniff out a particular type of fungi which often indicates that the particular type of beetle is close by.

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