Marly Newby: A Small Dog With an Outsize Personality

Meet Josh Newby, professor of physical chemistry, and Marley, his Jack Russell Terrier.RESCUED AND NOW SAFE: Josh Newby decided to get a dog after receiving his post-doctorate. He researched shelters and later went to a rescue dog event where he found Marley, who was just 2 years old. Marley had been abused by a man, according to Josh, and was terrified by Josh during his first weeks in his new home. He often followed Josh’s fiance around the house. “It blew my mind that he had such a bad past,” Josh said.MOVING ON UP, TO THE EAST [COAST]: Josh and Marley moved to Swarthmore from Indianapolis, where Josh’s fiance currently lives. At first, Marley was puzzled, thinking that they would return home any day. Eventually, he noticed that both he and Josh were not going anywhere. He enjoys the apartment they currently live in, which is the perfect size for a small dog like him.

TRICKS UP HIS SLEEVES: One of Marley’s best tricks is crawling on the ground. He will lay down on the ground, crawl with his two front legs and allow his hind legs to drag. Josh hopes to teach Marley to play dead and incorporate his crawling trick. Just like after any other trick, this terrier always expects a treat.

LIKE NO OTHER: Marley is unlike the stereotypical Jack Russell Terrier, and the worst thing he does is occasionally grab a hold of Josh’s fiance’s sandals to have a short chew session. In the apartment, Marley often has a lot of down time and enjoys watching television. Yes, you read it right. He loves to sit beside Josh on the couch and watch a football game.

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