Hot Diggity Dog: Computer Science Professor Ameet Soni and Oberon

Meet Ameet Soni, Computer Science professor, and his year-old Pug and Jack Russel Terrier pup, Oberon.WELCOME TO THE FAMILY:
Wanting a dog ever since living in Madison, Wisconsin, Ameet and his family finally got what they needed when they moved to Swarthmore. However, the search for a new loved one took a tad longer than expected. Most shelters had dogs which required around-the-clock attention due to illness. However, after some research, he discovered Delaware Puppy Rescue. Oberon was just three months old when Ameet and his wife fell in love with him. He was in the shelter along with his brother and sister. Oberon quickly stole their hearts with his playful character and cuddly personality.

Besides looking more precious than anything you have ever seen, Oberon loves to curl up on anyone’s lap and give you a loving face lick. If you have yet to meet Oberon, get ready to see his killer smile. He has an adorable underbite, which, let’s just put it this way, will put a smile on your face.

If you are planning on becoming this pup’s best friend, do not hesitate to bring him food, but forget about buying Milkbones and Scooby Snacks. Oberon is a healthy eater and among his favorite snack are carrots and peanut butter. Sounds like my kind of treat!

While still young, Oberon was rushed to Newton Square to a veterinary hospital at 2 in the morning. The pup suffered from a virus which caused him to get so ill a visit to emergency room was necessary. Thankfully, he made a quick recovery.

During the first few times alone at home, Oberon chewed through cabinets and doors. Nowadays, Oberon loves to chase cats and also loves to be the one being chased. He can run like a bullet, jump on top of rocks three times his height and still has a playful puppy personality. Earlier in the summer, when Oberon visited Swarthmore more frequently, he played fetch with Ameet in the hallway. This playful pup gets walked frequently by a Swattie dogwalker and loves his stay at his doggy day care, Barker’s Lounge.

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