Elowyn Corby ’13 for Educational Policy Representative

Hi, I’m Elowyn, and I’d be honored to serve as next year’s educational policy representative. I know that if I’m chosen to be next year’s educational policy representative I’ll give it everything I’ve got, and I believe I have the experience and dedication needed to do the job well. Educational policy and student government have always been fascinations of mine, and especially at a small school like Swarthmore where a few persistent students can really have an impact, I can’t imagine a better way to spend my senior year than representing the student body’s voice on StuCo and to the administration.

I believe I’m qualified for the position: I have extensive experience in student leadership, and in working with non-students on college policy issues — a large part of the ed. policy rep. position. Before coming to Swarthmore I spent two years on the student senate of my local community college, where I chose to take classes instead of attending a regular high school. While there, I probably devoted more time to student government than I did to my actual schoolwork: 18 of us represented a student body of 17,000, and it became something of a full time job. Through skill, luck, or (most likely) my persistent obstinate streak, I was able to get onto a number of important college-wide committees and form strong relationships with the administration and faculty I worked with. While there I also served as the chair of the inter-club council, and at the end of my second year I was awarded the annual Outstanding Student Leadership Award. Here at Swarthmore I currently chair the Forum for Free Speech, and over the years I’ve been part of a number of different student groups.

As an honors political science and peace education double major, I have a fair amount of experience with educational policy: I took a course in it last year, did an externship with a group working to increase minority and disadvantaged student enrollment in community college, and spent last summer working at the College Access Center of Delaware County. I believe these experiences would inform my perspective as the ed. policy rep., and would help me keep my focus where I believe it should be: on the needs of the students.

Beyond what’s strictly part of the ed. policy rep. job description, there are a number of other issues that I’d like to make sure are on the StuCo agenda next year: our school has a long way to go on budget and investment transparency, and we need to reevaluate the way our administration deals with sexual assault on campus. I believe that as the voice of the students, StuCo is uniquely positioned to play an active role in protecting students’ interests on campus, and I hope to be part of that process. If elected, I also encourage you all to talk with me about your own concerns and priorities: I’m far from omniscient, and I know I’ll do my job better if you help me know what we need as a community.

Thank you for your consideration!

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