Gallery: Yule Ball Weekend 2011

Friends dance beneath the candles and icicles hanging from the ceiling
Friends dance beneath the candles and icicles hanging from the ceiling

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Photos by Kat Clark ’12.

This weekend, hundreds of students participated in events focused around Saturday’s Yule Ball. On Thursday night, about 150 students attended Harry Potter Quizzo in Paces. On Friday, the Yule Ball Committee took over Sharples with a Harry Potter-themed dinner and a Tri-Wizard Tournament (complete with a visit from some Death Eaters). Following the Tournament, students were invited to attend a Waltz Lesson in Upper Tarble in preparation for the Ball. Finally, on Saturday night, students, faculty, and staff gathered in Sharples for this year’s Yule Ball.

The Waltz Lesson and Yule Ball were free of charge, and Harry Potter Quizzo raised money for the Senior Class as part of Pubnite. Quizzo, the Takeover, and the Waltz Lesson were produced on a budget of $0 with the help of student workers, Sharples staff, and volunteers from UPenn. The Yule Ball was sponsored by SAC/SBC, The Dean’s Office, and The President’s Office.
Students directed and catered all of the events. Decorations at the Ball were provided by JMW Entertainment. Live music performance by Tonks and the Aurors. Sound provided by student Rattech. The Yule Ball Committee would like to extend a special thank you to the staff of Sharples and Paury Flowers for all their help and hard work. And to everyone else — we hope you had a wonderful weekend. Happy Holidays!

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