Aya Ibrahim ’15 for Student Events Advisor

My name is Aya Ibrahim and I would like to represent you as Student Events Advisor. I learned about Student Council elections by chance, but I immediately knew that it was something I was interested in. College is about meeting new people and sharing in new experiences with them. This position would give me the opportunity to not only meet, but also work with people I may not have otherwise. I was nervous that Swarthmore would be too small, but I decided to make the most of the size. My goal is to meet each person on campus at least once. So far, I have had a conversation with every person on my hall at least once and most have been given nicknames. While some may see the school’s size as a negative aspect of Swarthmore, I think it allows each student to become part of a tighter knit community.

As Student Events Advisor, it would be my job to help promote and organize events that enhance that sense of community. As a freshman, I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of activities and groups that are on campus because they are all appealing in one form or another, and it would be impossible to be involved in everything. By coordinating events with various groups on campus, I would be able to interact with groups I otherwise would not have the time to join. It requires a serious commitment to communicate and collaborate with all members of the student body. I am willing to put in the commitment and dedication to make organizing events as easy and fun as possible.

In high school, I avoided our student government mainly because I felt its existence was just a formality. It was impossible to get anything past the administration, and ultimately, their principle role was putting on carwashes to raise money for prom. I found other ways to become involved through Young Democrats and the National Honor Society. As Young Dems President, I worked with the Young Republican’s president to hold a school-wide voter registration drive. I also coordinated an effort between National Honor Society and the Red Cross Club that raised enough money for 500 meals at our local food bank. Experiences like these have taught me how to work across boundaries that may arise in a close yet diverse community like this one. This school has some of the most involved and active students and it is only fair to them that they have a representative who is persevering, responsive, and approachable.

At 5’ 2’’ I have never been called intimidating, but I want to reiterate that regardless of who you are, as excited as you may be about putting on an event, I am even more excited about the prospect of meeting you and helping to make it possible. If there is one thing I have learned about this school since arriving on campus three weeks ago, it is that students here really are special. My RA talks about living in the Australian jungle like it’s a regular occurrence and my Wharton quad is virtually a talent show. I know that I still have a lot to learn about this school and the students that attend and I think this is the perfect way to begin. Everyone on this campus worked very hard to get here and everyone should have a good time now that they’re here. I do not know everyone’s definition of a good time, but I can promise to try and make it possible.

Aya Ibrahim ’15

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