StuCo Report: Footrest, Ville Points, Long Term Goals

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At Sunday’s StuCo meeting members congratulated each other on the accomplishment of an inexact number of short-term goals, including the construction of a proportionally large footrest for the big chair and a long-awaited resolution to the Ville Points issue. Also settled were this semester’s long term goals.


“I’m very excited about the construction of the matching footrest,” said Jen Norman ‘14. “Now it’s just a question of how to enjoy the harmony between the chair and ‘rest.”

Not all students were so enthusiastic.

“Whose legs are that long?” questioned a sophomore who wished to remain unnamed.

Ville Points

The other short term goal was the enaction of the new Ville meal points plan.

Students will now be able to use points at Finlandia and The Dew Drop Inn.

However, what students will spend these “meal” points on is still unclear.

StuCo is hoping to implement this program starting next week and will be asking for feedback in the near future.

In the meantime, they encourage students to invest in the program by using their points on, for example, the large selection of decorative pottery available at Finlandia.

Long term goals

President Simione Zha ‘11 proposed a new set of long term goals for the semester.

“We’ve settled on making the long term goals flexible, in a sense, amorphous, so that when our long term vision changes, which it probably will, the goals can change with it.”

Some council members expressed concern that this settlement might not allow for enough flexibility, in case StuCo did want to determine a fixed set of long term goals some time in the future.

“Would that be possible under the amorphous plan?” asked a member.

When the settlement was put to vote, however, all members were in favor of the amorphous plan.

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