Terpsichore and Rhythm-N-Motion performances this week

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With both the “Rhythm-N-Motion” and “Terpsichore” dance concerts, Reading Week is a great chance to see peers in student dance concerts. Both concerts showcase the hard work of student choreographers and dancers in a wide range of music. The Rhythm-N-Motion concert will be tonight and Tuesday night at 8 pm, the Terpsichore concert will be Wednesday night. All performances will be on LPAC main stage.

Rhythm-N-Motion, which focuses on the music of the African diaspora, includes afro-modern, salsa, reggaeton, hip hop, samba, and jazz on its program. Terpsichore has a broader feel, with ballet, Irish step dancing, Cumbia, and tango among other genres.

Carmella Ollero ’09, performing in both groups and a member of R-N-M’s executive board is excited for the performances. Of R-N-M, Ollero notices, “We have a couple of new choreographers like Lauren Mendoza and Juliet Braslow,” as well as students from Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges. “I think it’s a lot more variety than in the past.”

The R-N-M program will not be including a “Newbie” piece as this semester only two new members were welcomed by the group, however, the opening African dance piece will include the newbies. There will also be a special senior piece integrating all of the senior members and their own contributed choreography.

Terpsichore, for Ollero, is a genre switch to ballet. “Terpsichore has worked very hard,” she notes. In addition to a different genre, Terpsichore involves students with a wide range of levels in dance experience.

Lauren Richie ’09, also performing in both, reflects that though the performances’ scheduling in Reading Week is a bit stressful, dancing for R-N-M and Terpsichore is “Hard work but very fun.” For many, she adds, “It’s something you won’t really do after college.”

The dancers are all very enthusiastic about the performances. Encourages Ollero, “Please come! It’s really nice to have a big crowd.” She recalls that in the past, R-N-M was given only one night to perform and as a result enjoyed massive turnout for the sole performance. The energy was, to her, ideal. She hopes to see similar turnouts for all of the performances this week.

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