APA Cultural Show: A celebration of heritage and talent

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This Saturday, April 18, at 7 p.m. on LPAC Mainstage, the Asian Pacific American Cultural Show will be performed. The show is made up of a variety of performances and is sponsored by Deshi, SAO, and I-20. The APA Cultural Show is one of the many events being held for APA Heritage month and International Week.

The performance includes dances choreographed and performed by students, poetry readings, instrumentalists, the spoken word and four monologues. The monologues are a collection of personal “women’s pieces,” stories on “life, love and family.” The show will be opened with a traditional Chinese Lion Dance performed by the Lion Dance Troupe of Philadelphia

“A lot of time went into planning everything and it’s the first time that we’ve put anything on in LPAC,” explains Ishita Kharode, ’08, one of the Cultural Show’s organizers. Also involved in the production and direction are Lilly Ing, ’08, and Veronica Paz Soldan, ’08.

Last year, the APA Cultural show was held in Upper Tarble. Ishita Kharode recalls, “People who went last year really enjoyed itÉ [This year] there are a wide variety of events and the different groups involved make for a really enriching experience.”

Please note, though some of the signs state that the performance will be held at 7:30, it is actually being performed at 7:00 on Pearson Hall (LPAC Mainstage).

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