The fickle Lang vending machine

Editor’s note: This article was initially published in The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore’s online, daily newspaper founded in Fall 1996. As of Fall 2018, the DG has merged with The Phoenix. See the about page to read more about the DG.

“It gives you a Coke, no matter what button you press,” writes a frustrated reader of the vending machine found on the fourth floor of Lang Music Building. All vending machines on campus are filled and maintained by a contracted company, and the Music Department did hear the complaints about this machine. According to the department, the machine was fixed by the company last week (yes, we have a witness to the repair) and should be fine now. Any problems with vending machines anywhere on campus should be reported directly to Facilities Management Coordinator Claire Ennis.

This is not the first time that this machine has had problems. Last year, it happily dispensed apple juice for a mere 50 cents, instead of the required $1.25, to the Gazette’s resident music major (this reporter). Occasionally, it dispensed cranapple instead of apple juice. Now, though, its workings should be harmonious.

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