College Corner: Interview with New Dorm loft residents

Editor’s note: This article was initially published in The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore’s online, daily newspaper founded in Fall 1996. As of Fall 2018, the DG has merged with The Phoenix. See the about page to read more about the DG.

Daily Gazette staff members, like many Swatties, have been intrigued by the New Dorm and the unusual architectural perks some residents enjoy. In an attempt to shed light on the mystery of the lofts, the Gazette has interviewed the first inhabitants of one of these fabled rooms.

Daily Gazette: What is your favorite part about living in this loft/duplex?
Rich: Everyone comments on the windows more than anything else.
Rob: We have two stories and the design of the room is different. It’s a square room, but it has multiple sections.

DG: What is your least favorite aspect?
Rich: Well, I am a senior with a roommate.
Rob: It’s not bad having a roommate though. There’s nothing really bad. It’s super hot up there though (points to the second floor).
Rich: It’s hard to fill up the space.

DG: What motivated you to try for this room?
Rob: I looked at the floor plan and thought it was really cool. It was a matter of faith for Rich though.

DG: What was your lottery number?
Rob: I believe 5.

DG: Is there anything you want to say to readers of the Daily Gazette?
Rich: It’s not called the New Dorm. It’s Kalafus.
DG: Excuse me?
Rich: K-A-L-A-F-U-S.
DG: Where did that come from?
Rich: Do you know the unicycle man?
DG: I think I’ve seen him before last semester.
Rich: James Kalafus.
DG: Okay, so it’s not really official. How many people know about and use this name?
Rob: Several score.
Rich: There are resisters within the building.
DG: Interesting.
Rich: Actually, it was funny yesterday because we tried to order pizza from Acapulco and one of our friends confused them by trying to explain Kalafus. So it never got here.
DG: Maybe they just know it as the New Dorm.
Rich: But Renatos and Appetitos both know that it’s Kalafus. They deliver here.
DG: Really? That’s impressive.

Rich: Oh, I forgot to say, the view is an eventual plus.
DG: Eventual?
Rob: Oh yeah, all the construction is a negative.
DG: Right.

DG: Do you get a lot people coming to see your room?
Rich: Yes, we get a stream of tourists.
Rob: People just come by and hang out. We don’t need to entertain them. They’re entertained by our space. So our room is like a lounge.

DG: That’s great. I think I’m about done with questions unless you have anything to add.
Rob: Oh, we have a green roof. Instead of a rain drainage system, we have plants. I think we’re the first dorm to have that.
DG: May I see it? (Climbs the 16 steps to the second floor to see a modest patch of grass on the roof). Very cool.
Rich: It is suppose to grow to cover the whole roof eventually.

DG: I see. Okay, well thanks for showing me your rooms and for your time. I really appreciate . .
Rich: Wait, before you go, is it too late to add something?
DG: No, go right ahead.
Rich: I have another positive thing. We get to be interviewed. We will soon be elevated to the status of gods above men, or at least B-list campus celebrities. The Danny Bonaduce and David Cassidy of Swat perhaps.

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