Wednesday, September 3, 1997

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Wednesday, September 3, 1997
Volume 2, Number 3


1)  Deans’ Office reorganized

2)  Camp, Swarthmore style

3)  World news roundup


1)  Women’s Rugby Preview

2)  Tonight’s contests


Today:     Cooler and breezy, chance of morning showers. High of 74.
            Frisbee weather. Sandals let your toes catch the breezes.
Tonight:   Mostly clear, record lows possible.  Low around 50.
            Yep, it’s time to break out the flannel.
Tomorrow:  Sunny, but still cool. High near 70.


1)  Deans’ Office reorganized

In the wake of Ngina Lythcott’s resignation last spring, the Deans’ Office
has been reorganized and although there are still many familiar faces,
there are also some new additions to the Deans’ Office.

Joy Charlton, former Professor and Chair of the Sociology and Anthropology
Department, has been named Associate Dean.  In this capacity, she assumes
responsibility of the duties Bob Gross has performed in past years, such as
academic advising and services, leaves of absence, and faculty advising.
Gross is now Acting Dean of the College and, according to the student
handbook, “has primary responsibilty for administration of College policy
in the areas of student life, academic requirements and advising, and
campus security.”

Davirah Timm-Dinkins ’93 is the new Coordinator of Student Activities,
replacing Jen Leigh.  Timm-Dinkins serves as liason between Student
Council, its committees and the Deans’ Office in addition to facilitator of
student-faculty/staff relations.  Tim Sams also joins the Deans’ Office as
Assistant Dean and Director of the Black Cultural Center.  She will divide
her time between general student affairs and management of the BCC.


2) Camp, Swarthmore style

>From June 16 to June 28, Swarthmore was transformed into a day camp for the
daughters of faculty and staff of Swarthmore.  Organized by Mandara Meyers,
Andrea Meller, Erica Turner, Chloe Dowley, Nicole Breazeale, and Elisa
Nigrini, the camp hosted twenty girls ranging in age from nine to fourteen
and focused on the improvement of self-confidence and lack of self-esteem
that some adolescent and pre-adolescent girls begin to experience at that

Activities were centered around hands-on learning techniques such as
crafts, outdoor activities, exercise, acting, and extensive use of the Crum
woods and creek. The camp leaders aimed to make the girls aware of the
“possibilities,” in Meyer’s words, that exist for them and to use such
activities to shape their “concepts of self.”

The camp’s impact was two-fold: not only were the campers exposed to such
activities but because of the cross-section of the participant’s
backgrounds, children of Dining Services employees, Professors, and
Administrative Assistants essentially brought the separate areas of
Swarthmore together on Family Day, when all parents came to camp with their
children for a BBQ and games.

The leaders of the camp have evaluated the program and have decided to hold
it again this coming summer.  They hope to expand enrollment and resources.
The camp was originally started with the help of a Swarthmore Foundation
Grant in addition to various other financial and in kind grants made by the


3)  World news roundup


Arizona authorities on Tuesday were seeking two bounty hunters suspected of
shooting and killing a young couple after entering the wrong house in
search of a bail jumper. Two men were in custody and a third was under
police guard in a hospital after a group in ski masks and body armor broke
down the front door of the house and exchanged fire with the couple at 4
a.m. Sunday. Two more men were at large, police said. Authorities said they
did not know why the bounty hunters apparently thought the bail jumper, who
owed a bond company $25,000, was in the house. The couple had no connection
to the bail jumper, according to police. Arizona does not require licenses
for bounty hunters, but a state senator said Tuesday he would draft a bill
to regulate them.


A French judge Tuesday declared seven photographers to be manslaughter
suspects in the death of Princess Diana. They had been in custody since the
automobile crash that killed Diana, her boyfriend Dodi al-Fayed and their
chauffeur Sunday, but were released after appearing before the judge. The
photographers will also be investigated for violating France’s “Good
Samaritan” law, which requires bystanders to assist accident victims. If
charged and convicted, they could face up to five years in prison and fines
of almost $100,000. Meanwhile, the White House announced that first lady
Hillary Rodham Clinton would represent the United States at Diana’s funeral
Saturday. In an apparent backlash against the media following Diana’s
death, workers in New Zealand shoved to the ground a newspaper photographer
who was taking pictures of a construction accident.



1) Women’s Rugby Preview

After last year’s undefeated season, the women’s rugby team is ready for
action. The team has hired Allen Mates, their first official coach ever, to
coach them through another outstanding season. Led by captains Courtney
Clark ’98 and Becky Snyder ’98, the team is also benefitting from 15
high-potential first-years. After their first practice Monday afternoon,
the team is confident they will perform well in their first game on
September 20 at Lehigh. Their first home game is on October 4 against the
University of Delaware.


2) Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests


Men’s soccer plays on the home field at 4pm against Holy Family College.


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