Wednesday, December 3, 1997

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Wednesday, December 3, 1997
Volume 2, Number 60


1)  Finalist for library position says collections shouldn’t be ‘generic’

2)  Students declare SC candidacies

3)  World news roundup


1)  Women’s basketball loses home opener to Washington

2)  Today’s and tomorrow’s contests


Today:    Mostly cloudy, rain likely after noon. High of 50.
           Walk your dog in the morning.
Tonight:  Intermittent showers. Low around 35.
           Walk your duck in the afternoon.
Thursday: Still cloudy, rain possible early. High near 50.


A listing of upcoming movies in the Nov. 21 edition of The Daily Gazette
gave the wrong date for a screening of “Black Girl,” a 1966 film from
Senegal. The movie will be shown tonight at 10:15 in DuPont Lecture Hall.
Also, “Fried Green Tomatoes,” the 1991 film starring Kathy Bates and
Jessica Tandy, will be shown tonight at 9 in the Women’s Resource Center.


1)  Finalist for library position says collections shouldn’t be ‘generic’

Digital libraries can enhance traditional libraries but probably will not
replace them, said Victoria Hanawalt, a candidate for the position of
College librarian, in a lecture Tuesday.

Drawing on 10 years of experience as college librarian at Reed College,
Hanawalt offered suggestions to navigate the electronic age. “The focus
doesn’t have to be too far ahead,” she said, but “we do need to know what’s
a little bit in the future.”

The only way for libraries to make good choices about the electronic age is
to “stay close to the institution and not try to be the generic library” as
they add new systems and databases, said Hanawalt. “I don’t believe there’s
any one system that should be in place on every campus.”

Colleges need to “cultivate a sense of flexibility” in their budgets and
decision-making processes, according to Hanawalt, so that libraries may
experiment with their purchasing decisions from year to year. “We want to
do the best we can,” she explained, “but when better options come along, we
have to be able to take advantage of them.”

National and international discussions about the changing roles of
electronic media in libraries will also assist academic libraries, said
Hanawalt. For instance, “we need to make a national commitment to preserve
knowledge on print materials,” and discussion should focus on “copyright in
the electronic world,” she said.

Hanawalt was the second of four candidates to visit the campus. The two remaining candidates will visit the campus over the next two weeks. David Cohen will speak Dec. 9 and Connie Dowell will speak Dec. 11. Both lectures will be at 4 p.m. in the Scheuer Room.


2)  Students declare SC candidacies

Only one of seven races in upcoming Student Council elections is
uncontested, and four people are competing for one of the positions,
according to a list of candidates released Tuesday by SC Elections Chair
Laura Barandes ’99.

Students can vote Saturday, Sunday and Monday at lunch and dinner in
Sharples and Tarble, Barandes said.

The candidates, according to Barandes, are:

For a one-semester seat on the College Planning Committee: Charity
 Miller ’98 and Sandip Sukhtankar ’00.
For a one-year seat on CPC: Ryan Peterson ’00 and Maureen Vernon ’01.
For outreach chair: Mariel Acevedo Diaz ’01, Emilia Pastor ’01, Trang
 Pham ’00 and Ruth Shoemaker ’01.
For treasurer: Brian Burnheter ’01.
For appointments chair: Maria Rodas ’01 and Paul Willenberg ’00.
For charter chair: Matt Schwartz ’01 and Jared Solomon ’01.
For CRC coordinator: Rodney Morris ’01 and Imran Posner ’00.


3)  World news roundup


In an announcement that drew heavy fire, Attorney General Janet Reno
announced Tuesday that she has decided not to seek an independent counsel
to investigate possible elections violations by President Clinton and Vice
President Al Gore. Clinton and Gore have been accused of soliciting
contributions in phone calls from their offices and of failing to report
donations. Democrats lauded Reno’s decision, but Republicans and FBI chief
Louis Freeh criticized her, suggesting her decision was narrow and
influenced by her White House affiliations. Reno said her choice was based
on the facts, not political considerations.


Calling for approval of a proposed treaty banning land mines, Canadian
Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy on Tuesday opened a conference that
includes representatives from over 150 nations and such notables as Nobel
Peace Prize winner Jody Williams. However, several international powers —
including the United States, Russia, and China — were not in attendance.
The conference will focus on persuading holdouts to sign the treaty and
finding resources to clear the estimated 60 million to 100 million mines
littering fields around the world.


African-American poet Rita Dove declined President Clinton’s invitation to take part in a “national dialogue on race” event he is hosting; she complained that the White House wasn’t sincere about improving race relations. … President Clinton signed a bill that gives Amtrak $2.3 billion for capital investments, essentially rescuing the railroad from bankruptcy. … Edward DeBartolo Jr. resigned as chairman and chief executive officer of the San Francisco 49ers after a Louisiana newspaper reported that he will soon be indicted by a grand jury investigating gambling fraud; DeBartolo said he had not committed any crime but wanted to concentrate on preparing a defense.



1)  Women’s basketball loses home opener to Washington

The women’s basketball team lost its first home game yesterday to Washington, 68-43. Heather Marandola ’01 led the Garnet with 11 points and nine rebounds. Jean Quinn ’99 scored nine points and posted 14 rebounds. Michelle Walsh ’98 and Kristen English ’01 each scored seven points. English had three assists and three steals, both team highs for the Garnet. The loss brings the Garnet to 1-3 for the season, and 0-2 in the Centennial Conference.


2)  Today’s and tomorrow’s contests

Women’s and men’s swimming host University of Pennsylvania at 5:30 p.m.
Men’s basketball travels to Johns Hopkins for an 8 p.m. game.

There are no contests scheduled for tomorrow.


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