Tuesday, September 2, 1997

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Tuesday, September 2, 1997
Volume 2, Number 2


1)  SC co-chair Meyers resigns

2)  Swarthmore harder to get into

3)  World news roundup


1)  Cross-country preview

2)  Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests

Today:  Mostly sunny and HOT. High around 90.
           Go to the library (they have AC). You know you want to.
Tonight:  Clouds rolling in, good chance of rain.  Low near 65.
             Stay in the library.  You know you should.
Tomorrow:  Still overcast, showers and/or thunderstorms likely.


1)  SC co-chair Meyers resigns

Mandara Meyers ’99, Student Council co-chair and outreach chair, has
resigned. “I basically feel like I need to focus the kind of work that I’m
doing on campus and off campus on things that mean a lot more to me than
Student Council,” she said.

Meyers, who served on SC last semester as a representative to the Council
on Educational Policy, plans to devote more time to follow-up work on a
summer program for the daughters of Swarthmore faculty and staff that was
inaugurated this year. She is also seeking an internship at the Women’s Law
Center in Philadelphia.

“It’s a shame for Council. But Mandara or no Mandara, Student Council is
ready to do a good job this semester,” said Ari Plost ’98, SC’s remaining

Plost said SC would discuss how to select a replacement for Meyers at its
first meeting, tonight at 7:30. The location of the meeting had not been
announced at deadline. Issues, according to Plost, include:

  *Whether a new co-chair should be chosen or whether Plost should
  serve alone.
  *If a new co-chair is chosen, whether that choice should be made
  before or after a special election to select a new outreach chair.

Melissa Amir-Arjomand ’00, whom Meyers defeated by a vote of 233-225 in
last spring’s election for SC outreach chair, said she had not decided
whether she would run again for the seat. She said she had been pleased
with the outcome of the spring vote.


2)  Swarthmore harder to get into

According to statistics released by Dean of Admissions Robin Mamlet, more
people applied to Swarthmore last year than ever before (4,270). The
College tightened its admissions belt and admitted only 24% of applicants,
down from 31% last year and 35% in ¹95. Because many students were admitted
through the binding Early Decision process, this year¹s class is a large
one (382).

While the College trumpeted a higher yield this year than in previous years
(percentage of student accepted who chose to come), this is an artifact of
the statistics; discounting Early Admissions students, 26.6% of admitted
students chose to attend, exactly the same as last year, according to the
Gazette¹s calculations.

Even valedictorians had a tough time getting in this year. Only 39% of
students ranked #1 or #2 in their class were admitted to Swarthmore.
Students with a perfect 800 score on the Verbal or Math SAT had only about
a 50/50 chance of getting in.

This year¹s class contains 37% students of color, down from last year¹s
high of 42%; while the College chose to admit fewer students of
³Other/Mixed² ethnicity, fewer admitted African-Americans chose to come.

While the majority of incoming freshmen listed traditional prospective
majors such as Biology or Premed (13%), English (8%), Engineering (8%), and
Political Science (5%), there was a strong rise in interest in Computer
Science and ³Special Majors², and a drop in interest in Psychology and
Environmental Studies.

And what about all those students who got in to Swarthmore and chose to go
elsewhere? A plurality went to Harvard.


3)  World news roundup


The driver of Princess Diana’s car during the fatal crash had a blood
alcohol level three times more than the legal limit of 0.065 % and was
driving at 121 mph, French authorities announced Monday. Police still have
seven photographers in custody and they are expected to be placed under
formal investigation today. The precise charges are unknown, but a report
said that photographers who took photos of Diana and Dodi Fayed after the
crash tried to push police and rescuers away. The report also mentioned
that the driver of the Fayed’s Mercedes had been weaving through the lanes
of the tunnel in an attempt to pass a slower-moving vehicle. Diana’s
funeral will be held Saturday at Westminster Abbey. It will be a state
event, but not quite a full state funeral since she lost the full title of
Her Royal Highness after her divorce from Prince Charles last year. She
will be buried in her family’s ancestral temple.


Russian President Boris Yeltsin announced that he will not run for
re-election when his second four-year term expires in the year 2000.
Despite a a two-term limit in the constitution, Yeltsin’s supporters were
surprised by his recent announcement. There is already a large group of
potential presidential contenders for the next election, although none
could be considered a front-runner at the present time.



1) Cross-country preview

Although some of last year¹s top runners won¹t be returning, the men¹s and
women¹s cross country teams are predicting a successful season with
upperclassmen powerhouses as well as many strong first-years. Coach Ted
Dixon pushed the team through endurance building preseason workouts last
week in preparation for their first meet at Ursinus on Saturday afternoon.
This year¹s women¹s team is led by captains Sarah Howard ¹98 and Danielle
Wall ¹98.  The men¹s captains are Jeffrey Lockman ¹98 and Wyn Strodbeck


2) Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests

No games are scheduled.
Men¹s soccer plays on the home field at 4pm against Holy Family College.


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