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Macbeth Preview

“Get ready, witches, and stand by, Lady M!” The curtains open on the Yellow Stocking Player’s mainstage debut of “Macbeth” this Friday, marking the end of a far more grueling tech week than cast members are typically subjected to. Transitioning from Olde Club to LPAC’s main stage for the first time, “It’s one of those… Keep Reading


Swatties Screw their Roommates

Components required for a successful Screw: a costume (preferably embarrassing), dinner on a paper plate, a sense of humor, and hopefully a reliable roommate. Screw Your Roommate is one of those Swat marvels that could only happen here, and it remains one of the most popular social occasions of the semester. When asked about how… Keep Reading

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Learning How To Think … About Majors

In 1999, a professor of art history at the college delivered an address titled “The Usefulness of Uselessness.” Her argument has since become the academic credo on campus; the idea that the pursuit of interests, no matter how disparate or “useless” they may appear to be, will somehow come in handy ten years down the… Keep Reading

Committment-Conscious Cabaret

Do you want to be in a musical at Swarthmore, but just don’t have the time? Paolo Debuque ’15 and Audrey Edelstein ’15 bring you Cabaret Night: excellent musical theater with a low time commitment. Life at Swat can be hectic. Between classes, extra-curriculars and trying to have a social life, many Swatties end up… Keep Reading

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Pop Minimalism to the Max: The xx at The Electric Factory

Early in The xx’s Sunday set at Philadelphia’s Electric Factory, Romy Madley Croft, the band’s guitarist and female vocalist paused between songs to say, “We finally made it.” She was referring to the cancelation of the band’s last Philadelphia performance during October’s Hurricane Sandy, but as the show continued, it was impossible not to see that… Keep Reading

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