Athlete of the Week: Eliza Wainwright ’19

The attacker for the Women’s Lacrosse team from Middletown, DE is off to an electric start to the season. Last Saturday against Eastern University, Wainwright continued her stellar play, recording 6 goals in a 14-7 win.   Through only five games, Wainwright has already recorded more goals (20) than she did all of last year (16). In addition to leading the team in goals scored, she also ranks third in the Conference.
MAX KASSAN: What is your prospective major and what influenced you to pursue it?
ELIZA WAINWRIGHT: I’m planning on majoring in Biology and French. Honestly, I’m not very good at biology. I just liked that it was something that challenged me and pushed myself to really study and learn something that was difficult. Obviously, I’ve also come to like it. French was an impulsive decision —  I was good at it in high school and I love learning languages. I’m also taking German right now. I guess I just wasn’t ready to give up on French, so I kept taking classes.
MK: What do you like most about being a student athlete?
EW: I’m sure you get this all the time, but I love the team. I like that no matter where I am on campus, there’s always someone around who is on my team who knows me, which is a nice feeling when I’m feeling isolated. My teammates are kind of my home on campus.
MK: What is your favorite Swarthmore athletics memory?
EW: My favorite Swarthmore athletics memory is a tough one. When I think of Swarthmore athletics, I don’t think of some big game or play or something — I think of the everyday locker room conversations and the warm up jokes. That’s sort of a cheating answer, but what I’ll remember when I leave won’t be the scores of games, but the weird little things, I think.
MK: You already have more goals than you had all of last year, what has changed for you this season?
EW: I think the only thing that’s changed for me between this year and last year is confidence. Last year I was a freshman and I felt out of my depth on the field, kind of like I wasn’t supposed to be out there. I think the most important change is that this year we have some new offensive personnel and we have really great flow on attack. Most of my goals have been assisted so I attribute all of that to my teammates. I may get the statistic, but they’re the ones setting me up well and making it all happen.
MK: Your team is currently undefeated, what type of boost does this give you heading into Conference season?
EW: 5-0 baby! This is huge for us. I think opening the season knowing that we can put away skilled teams gives us a lot of confidence. Over half of the team is comprised of first-years so the fact that we’ve been able to mesh well this early in the season is big. We’re really excited to bring this momentum into conference play and show the Centennial what we’ve been working on for two months.

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