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137 Mutation 12/23/2017   Remember when you debauched my mind?   The leaves you saw crinkle pleasantly, the contributions they give to our eyes matter to me, at least. Even at their cycle’s end The gift of color shakes our shape-shifting cornucopia of cones and our conglomeration of insecurities.   Remember when you altered my… Keep Reading


Buy Local Food Essay

Branded VR photograph by Richard L. Some could be significantly older that 1000 ADVERTISING. Since the story of the Course Stone Patio Complex in the November 21, 2012 dilemma of the Examiner, the world is starting to learn about this archaeological area that is enigmatic, high in the mountains of upper Georgia. Itsapa: the Itza… Keep Reading

Talking about money at Swarthmore

In 2005, a New York Times survey of randomly selected Americans revealed that no less than 92% believed themselves part of the middle/working class. Of the 8% who identified otherwise, 7% said they belonged to the lower class and 1% to the upper. The Times is a city paper, but it’s distributed and consumed nationwide.… Keep Reading

Music/Swarthmore Review

Where does Pharrell belong?

People need to understand a few things about Pharrell before they can even begin to judge him as a musician. First off, he’s been in the music game for a long time (he’s 41 years old). He rose to fame as half of the production team The Neptunes, arguably one of the best hip hop… Keep Reading

Fiction: Mystery

I sat down on my brother Wolff’s bed. “Wolffie wake up.” I was worried I had cut it too close. Our parents had only gone to bed a half hour ago—I had watched the red numbers on my clock flip, painfully, counting out every minute to thirty before I crept from my room next door… Keep Reading

Editor’s picks

Movie: ‘In a World,’ dir. Lake Bell Lately when I sit down to watch a ‘funny’ movie, I end up turning it off within ten minutes due to my inability to tolerate blatant sexist and racist jokes and stereotypes and propagations of rape culture. But “In a World” is a rom-com even a jaded Swattie… Keep Reading

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