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False God: Reagan and the Republican primaries

Whew! Anybody else have whiplash from the Republican presidential primary? Republican voters, desperately throwing themselves into the Anybody But Mitt project, are cycling though candidates like drunk Swatties go through Paces hook ups. Strong opposition to Romney, who signed health care reform that made Massachusetts the state with the most insured citizens, was clear from… Keep Reading

Letter to the Editor/Opinions

Letter to the Editor: Town Center West Project

The article on the Town Center West (the inn) Project presented a decidedly one-sided picture of the issue. (“Inn Project Begins, Debate Continues”, The Phoenix, October 6, 2011.) In choosing to focus almost exclusively on comments by those who are opposed to the project, the paper neglects to include the views of the majority of… Keep Reading

Opinions/Staff Editorials

Analyzing the social media record of Qaddafi’s fall

After four decades of brutal dictatorship, Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi was executed by rebel fighters who were the product of an uprising conceived at the beginning of this year. Now, with access to the Internet and the latest version of Adobe Flash plug-in, anyone can see more or less just how that assassination transpired. In a viral cellphone… Keep Reading


The state and future of Quakerism at Swarthmore

Op-Ed by Ben Goossen I would like to copy the campus community to the following letter, sent to President Rebecca Chopp, regarding the state and future of Quakerism at the college. I invite comments, discussion and debate: I am a founding member of Quakers on Campus, the new Young Friends group at Swarthmore. I actually… Keep Reading

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