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Campus Journal

The Art of the Scoop: Reflections on Student Journalism

Given that I am at a time in my life when almost any moment could be productively spent chipping away at a tall stack of obligatory and enlightening readings, and more often than not I am sitting in a library while a staggering number of nationally- and internationally-acclaimed publications wait at my fingertips, a mere… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Great Swarthmore Expectations

Freshman fall is almost over for the incoming Class of 2021, and initial anxieties have dwindled as students have acclimated to the Swarthmore campus; as they’ve been able to get a first-hand experience of what Swat is really like. Months after the blitz of admissions and orientation, freshmen are now assessing their experiences and asking:… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Strictly Good Advice

Strictly Good Advice, How do I handle setbacks? Clarissa. Hello Clarissa, and thanks for the question. Before I get on with the advice, I will paraphrase the usual disclaimer. I have no credentials or qualifications – really, none – and so I am neither credentialed nor qualified to help you with your problem. Talk to… Keep Reading

Into the Archives

Into the Archives: a correspondence on divestment

On June 17, 1985, recent alum Perry Chang wrote a handwritten note to then-president of the College David Fraser. The note read: “Dear President Fraser: I would be interested to receive a response to the letter I handed to you at Commencement. I have enclosed a copy of that letter, which I helped draft. Hope… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Cultural Identity Celebrated On Swarthmore’s Campus

Culture and Identity Appreciation Week at Swarthmore came early this year. The festivities began Oct. 24 with a kickoff in the Science Center Commons, and continued with panels on intersectionality, screenings of “Deej” and “Spirited Away”, food events like Kohlcella, Sharples Trial By Fire, African Kitchen, and the i20 Fall Feast, and parties like the… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Boy Scouts and Burning American Flags

  When I was a Boy Scout, I burned hundreds of American flags. Once or twice a year, at summer camp or at a Court of Honor (basically a barbeque where merit badges and rank advancements were awarded), my scoutmaster would bring boxes and boxes of tattered and worn American flags to be “retired,” as… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

The Art of the Flip Flop (or Not)

  I recently came in contact with a high school classmate through the powers of Snapchat, which I’ve been clumsily using for about a week now. Last I’d seen him, our plans were pretty much the opposite of each other — he was off to a large, public California university as a pre-med, hoping to… Keep Reading

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