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Campus Journal

Hurricane impacts on new students

Recall for a moment moving into your dorm your freshman year of college. For most, the worries are relatively simple: where do my posters go? Do my sheets match my rug? Will my parents really call me every day? But, for quite a few freshmen this year, the worries became dire. For Houstonians and Floridians… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

A Swipe Of Advice: On the Meal Plan

If there is one objective, capital-T Truth that exists within the entire span of our infinite universe, it is that there is one, single best meal plan for Swatties to be on. There are five meal plan options, consisting of four lies and one answer to the questions humankind has been asking for the entirety… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

The Beautiful Grind: Henry Ortmeyer ’18 Explains Squash

When I asked Henry Ortmeyer ’18 how often he meets people who don’t know what squash is, his answer was immediate and matter-of-fact: “Oh, so often. No, no one knows about it, no one ever knows.”   The strategy he’s developed for clearing things up is to tell his confused interlocutors that “it’s kind of… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

September in September

In a voice as carefree as the breeze blowing by us in Kohlberg Courtyard, September Sky Porras ’20 mentions, “I come from a very leftist family.” Now this isn’t a shock, especially considering the sort of students that Swarthmore tends to attract, but it’s nonetheless necessary to place Porras politically, and to understand the circumstances… Keep Reading

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Into the Archives Column: The Beginning

If you’re researching Swat on the internet, the first sentence on the “about” page of its website reads: “Since its founding in 1864, Swarthmore College has given students the knowledge, insight, skills, and experience to become leaders for the common good.” As students on campus, descriptions like this of the college can seem largely rhetorical.… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

First years going on embittered, cynical seniors?

As orientation fades more and more into a distant memory, the class of 2021 finds itself at an important crossroads. The once-chipper and easily discernable first-year faces are already blending in with the usual looks of cynicism that plague Swat’s upperclassmen. This forces us to ask the question of whether the class of 2021 is… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

“How do you write an advice column?”

— anonymous, via Google form   Hello, and thank you for your interesting question. I chose to answer your question because it wasn’t graphic, unintelligible, or any of the five questions I received asking what my last name was. So I regret to say that I don’t love your question. I will try my best… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Your semester horoscope

Hello again my dear Swatties! I trust that everyone had a good summer, but as all good things must end, here we are again, somewhat ready but hopefully excited to face yet another year of ‘Oh God, why did I enroll here and why do I have so much work.’ And as a special treat… Keep Reading

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