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Vanessa Meng

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Amazing Talent at the Playwright’s Festival

Last weekend Swarthmore’s Drama Board put on a Playwrights festival in Olde Club. This event featured five plays and writers, six directors, 22 different actors, and also the help of many other students. Walking into Olde Club, one could notice the cozy and packed space and feel excited by the murmurs of anticipation. A completely… Keep Reading


Local Food?

We are all at least aware of the “eat local” movement. We’ve all been primed to know that eating locally is, in many ways, the way to eat sustainably. Eating local was (and in a way still is) the hot new trend. Terms like “Locavores” and catchy phrases like “Think Global Eat Local” have emerged.… Keep Reading


Omar Mullick and These Birds Walk

The Monday evening after Spring Break, I walked into Sci 101 to see a loose crowd quietly waiting for the documentary screening event of These Birds Walk. The event is part of a new speaker series called “Reflections from the Field.” The event started with a short introduction to the filmmaker Omar Mullick who stood… Keep Reading


Love and Madness

Walking into the concert hall one is first struck by how the crowd seems to comprise mostly those balding and/or with snowy white hair. It was almost as if I accidentally walked into a social function for the hip above-60s. I noticed a man in his mid-70s sporting a red knit sweater and a crinkled… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Let’s Give a Damn: Trump Game

  We’ve all probably freaked out a little about climate change and President Donald Trump’s outright denial of it. It seems like President Trump has hand-picked a team that will happily sign off the future of our planet to build walls. Or something. And everyone’s playing the Trump Game like, “oh, can he do this?”… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Before It’s Too Late

It’s time sustainability stopped being “just green,” because it’s not going to be enough. The idea of this column, “Let’s Give a Damn,” actually came from one of the Environmental Services tech whom my partner — Adina Spertus-Melhus ’17 — and I talked to last semester for our Presidential Sustainability Research Fellowship (PSRF — pronounced… Keep Reading


Michelle Johnson ’16 directs Chekhov’s “The Seagull”

Last weekend, the play “The Seagull,” written by Anton Chekhov, translated by Paul Schmidt, and directed by Michelle Johnson ’16, was performed in the Frear Theater in LPAC. Upon entering the dark performance space, the audience was greeted with Russian folk music that was both uplifting and humorous. The space was designed so that the… Keep Reading

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