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Carlos Almeida

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Spring 2017 Fetter Chamber Orchestra Concert #2

The lights in Lang Concert Hall dimmed as Concert and Production Manager Jeanette Honig took to the stage to commence the start of that night’s Fetter Chamber Orchestra Concert, I took my seat in the audience. What followed were groups of student musicians taking the stage and performing classical music, including the works of Bach… Keep Reading


A Room Full of Spoons: A Review of The Room

As part of the promotion for his new film Best F(r)iends, Tommy Wiseau, known for his 2003 film The Room, made a public appearance at a midnight screening for The Room in Philadelphia. I, eager to see a film that was infamously labeled as one of the worst movies ever by critics during its release,… Keep Reading


Such Sweet Sorrow: Yellow Stockings’ Take on Romeo and Juliet

For their Spring 2017 full-length production, Yellow Stockings, Swarthmore College’s student run Shakespeare group funded by the Drama Board, performed Romeo and Juliet. When audience members took their seats on opening night, they were not only treated with various comedic moments, but also a twist on the production. Romeo and Juliet’s director Makayla Portley ’18… Keep Reading


Orchestra 2001: Sounds of Cinema

The audience members took their seats for Orchestra 2001’s Sounds of Cinema concert at 8pm on April 1. The event paired silent films with live narration and music, including two new film scores written by Swarthmore faculty and students, played by members of the Swarthmore College Orchestra and Orchestra 2001. When asked last May to… Keep Reading


The Story of Slepoi

Aaron Slepoi ’17’s contribution to the arts at Swarthmore has spanned four years and countless projects in Swarthmore’s Music Department. From his work as a clarinetist in the College Orchestra to his role as an operations intern for Orchestra 2001, Slepoi has participated in a wide number of music productions at Swarthmore. “It is hard… Keep Reading


Floating concerts spring up across campus

The Swarthmore Floating Concert Series, a pop-up concert project created by Jonathan Kay ’20 where students are given the location an hour before the event, has eight more shows lined up this semester. Various factors influenced Kay’s creation of the event, including his excitement to be part of the college music scene back in high… Keep Reading


Swarthmore Concert Series Presents: Altair and Bazmati Vice

As part of Swarthmore College’s Concert Series, the Feb. 17th concert included Altair and Bazmati Vice, bands composed of students from Swarthmore and other schools. Swarthmore students gathered at Olde Club at 9:30 pm, as the final stages of preparation were underway. The audience filed towards the front of the stage, as the band Altair… Keep Reading


“Sugarcoated Arsenic” Doesn’t Sugarcoat its Material

Students, faculty, and staff gathered in Science Center room 101 for a screening of “Sugarcoated Arsenic,” a film by University of Virginia Associate Professor of African American and African Studies and History Claudrena Harold, and U.Va Professor of Art Kevin Jerome Everson, on Feb. 6. The title, “Sugarcoated Arsenic,” is a term used by Vivian… Keep Reading

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