B. Ruby Rich lectures on New Queer Cinema

New Queer Cinema, a term first coined by B. Ruby Rich in a “Sight & Sound Magazine” in 1992, defines a movement in queer-themed independent filmmaking mainly in the 90s. In a world where topics about “queer” love is mostly associated with

COFE grants professional opportunity to students

Three current Swarthmore students began the Chamber Orchestra First Editions Sunday Performance at Lang Concert Hall by conducting one of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s pieces. Although another conductor would orchestrate the other pieces that night, the three students, Aaron Slepoi ’17,  Andrew Kim

Finding love and grant money for Occhiolini’s “Phil”

Editor’s Note: This article was changed to remedy a mistake in the name of the childhood friend and love interest of the main character, which changed the implied gender of the character, erasing the fact that the protagonist of the work is