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The purpose of print: a case for the Phoenix

In an increasingly digital world, print journalism is increasingly seen as unnecessary and outdated. News now circulates at an incredibly fast pace and is no longer restricted to traditional sources, like radio stations and newspapers. People are more likely to hear about global events on their Facebook feed than from a print source. Online news is… Keep Reading


Arts in the City: The Institute of Contemporary Art

This weekend I decided to explore Philadelphia. I was in University City after an event at UPenn and I wasn’t quite ready to leave. I had no plans as to where I wanted to go or how long it would take me to get there, but I knew I wanted to see something new. With… Keep Reading


Homecoming in Another Sense

When we write, it is best to write what we know. And not what we think we know, or what we would like to know. What I know is that I just moved into a new dorm, from Dana to Worth. I moved because I was seeking the holy grail of college rooms: the single.… Keep Reading


MLK Commemoration Week

During the week of Jan. 22, the college held a series of events to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy and build a safe, welcoming community. From a candlelight vigil on the steps of the Black Cultural Center to a campus-wide reflection at the Friends Meeting House, the week encouraged love and empathy in… Keep Reading


Auditions Behind the Tempest

Last week, Yellow Stockings held auditions for their upcoming performance of Shakespeare’s, “The Tempest”. Individual auditions were held for both actors and dancers in the Scheuer Room of Kohlberg and the Troy Dance Lab. There was a great turnout of 31 people for 15 available roles, which consisted of 11 actors and 4 dancers. Director… Keep Reading


Why men do not belong in the abortion conversation

Last week, I was sitting down in the second floor lounge of Willets pretending to do homework and talking to a bunch of my dorm mates about complete nonsense. This is a common theme in the public spaces of Willets and perfectly depicts our tuition money hard at work.  Somehow as my procrastination continued, the… Keep Reading

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