Such Sweet Sorrow: Yellow Stockings’ Take on Romeo and Juliet

For their Spring 2017 full-length production, Yellow Stockings, Swarthmore College’s student run Shakespeare group funded by the Drama Board, performed Romeo and Juliet. When audience members took their seats on opening night, they were not only treated with various comedic moments, but

Building Communities in Yellow Stockings

As the lights dim in Upper Tarble, the last of the audience members take their seats, and murmurs fade away into silence. The actors are scattered behind the curtain, some peeking through its narrow seam as others tightly clutch their props, preparing

Night of scenes celebrates structure of stages

If you look deeply enough into the rabbit hole, the stained glass windows, the use-value of Essie Mae’s, the dubious exchange-value of its meal credits, across the picturesque courtyard at the weary door of the Intercultural Center, up at the exaggerated Gothicity


Macbeth Preview

“Get ready, witches, and stand by, Lady M!” The curtains open on the Yellow Stocking Player’s mainstage debut of “Macbeth” this Friday, marking the end of a far more grueling tech week than cast members are typically subjected to. Transitioning from Olde