Macbeth Preview

Ariel Finegold '13 dances with friends
Ariel Finegold '13 dances with friends

“Get ready, witches, and stand by, Lady M!”

The curtains open on the Yellow Stocking Player’s mainstage debut of “Macbeth” this Friday, marking the end of a far more grueling tech week than cast members are typically subjected to. Transitioning from Olde Club to LPAC’s main stage for the first time,

“It’s one of those intuitive feelings that it’ll get done and look amazing,” Assistant Director Sarah Morrell ’15 said at Tuesday evening’s tech rehearsal. “Tonight, you start to see those brief moments where the tech and the actors come together in unique ways.”

“There’s something really special about this show,” she added.

With greater technological complexity than any of Yellow Stockings’ previous performances, “Macbeth” incorporates dramatic lighting and rock ballad-esque musical cues to maximize the show’s impact from LPAC’s main stage.

While the members of the group remain largely in place between semesters, the comparative staging is undergoing major rehaul. As McDuff and Macbeth battle to the death, leering shadows — far eclipsing the two actors — play across a two-story tower; eerie green lights work behind a final scene featuring the ghosts of murdered characters, manipulated by the play’s infamous trio of witches. This is not a production that could be staged on the tightly-packed floor of Olde Club.

While the storyline will be familiar to many, gender-blind casting awarded three big roles to three small women. Macbeth is played by Anna Ramos ’13, McDuff by Alison McKinnon ’13 and Banquo by Caroline Batten ’14.

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