Atlanta Braves Win the 2021 World Series

“Smith, the 0-2. Left side … Swanson … to first … the Braves are World Champions!” Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman raised his arms in elation, tucked the final out baseball into his back pocket, and ran to the mound to join

The Nationals Finish the Fight

Last week the Nationals defeated the Astros in Houston, Texas, to claim their first World Series championship in franchise history.  By all accounts and measurements, the Houston Astros were the better team. They had won more games throughout the whole season than

Powered-packed World Series Matchup Underway

The David and Goliath story, of biblical origin, is a classic one in sports. The Goliath stands on one side, a team that has won 100+ games in three consecutive seasons, whose most recent world championship came just two seasons ago. On

Cleveland blows 3-1 lead, Cubs champs after 108 years

He stands up, puts on his green turtleneck shirt, old-school style glasses, and throwback Chicago Cubs baseball hat. For the first time since 2003, he can finally walk outside and feel the hustling winds that characterize downtown Chicago. Steve Bartman can finally

For the Cubs, this could actually be the year

With the Major League Baseball Playoffs just around the corner, people are starting to wonder whether or not some of baseball’s hottest teams will pull through in the stretch-run. The Chicago Cubs, in particular, have been putting on a real show since

Royals Crowned Champions For First Time Since 1985

After embarrassing the New York Mets twice in New York and twice back home in Missouri, the Kansas City Royals have taken the crown and emerged as 2015 World Series Champions. This is the first time the Royals have taken home the

Back to the Future and sports

In the beloved American Sci-Fi trilogy Back to the Future, protagonist Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, and his partner, Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown, find themselves traveling through time in an old, plutonium-driven DeLorean. Spoiler Alert: In the first film, which