After Fall Cancelation, Swat Formal Returns

Swarthmore students will be returning to the dance floor for the SGO Spring Formal, otherwise called Swat Prom, on Saturday, March 26, at 10 p.m. The decision to bring back the formal comes amid a loosening of COVID-19 restrictions, now allowing alcohol-registered

Pterodactyl Hunt Returns After Year-Long Break

The days leading up to the Pterodactyl Hunt were uncertain. Would the year of isolated learning leave attendance at an all time low? Would the busy Garnet Weekend schedule detract from this Swarthmore tradition? Despite the fears, at 7 p.m. on Saturday,

Swarthmore Has Lost Its Culture

We have just passed the midpoint of October, and there has not been one mention of Bocktober. In fact, it seems like Swarthmore has completely lost its “Bock-culture.” Over the past three semesters, the pandemic has caused the student body to fracture.

Future of Crum Regatta Uncertain

The Crum Regatta, an annual college tradition, was removed from the schedule for the school’s parent and alumni “Garnet” Weekend for the indefinite future. In addition, Registrar Martin Warner said he will be stepping down from his role as “Commodore” of the