College Admissions Teams Gear Up For Improving AI Tools

When Lisa Meeden wrote her Swarthmore College admissions essay, it took her less than a minute. More accurately, it took an artificial intelligence (AI) tool 30 seconds to create a false student and their experiences—including a service trip to Guatemala and multiple


Effective Altruism: Not Effective and Not Altruistic

If you, like me, have stepped into Sci, Kohlberg, Singer, your dorm, Sharples, Trotter, or virtually any place on Swarthmore’s campus this semester, then you have probably seen a number of posters advertising Swarthmore Effective Altruism’s 8-week fellowship. “AAAAAAAHHHHHH,” scream the posters;


The Dash Gets a Makeover

As most Swarthmore students know by now, the Swarthmore Dash got a makeover and was officially rolled out at the start of the Spring 2022 semester. A team including members of the Swarthmore Communications office and ITS created the new version with

SCCS: Software, Hard-Work

Whether you’re figuring out your schedule, calculating your GPA, or looking up your lab partner on Cygnet, Swarthmore College Computer Society (SCCS) has tools to help. While the college itself provides many useful online services, along with the WiFi needed to access

Thoughts on Apple’s October Update

Apple Inc. held its fourth event of 2021 on Oct. 18, revealing new software and hardware installments to add to what has already been an impressive 2021 collection for the tech giant. Apple’s first event of the year was in April and


Do you actually need a VPN?

“This video is sponsored by NordVPN.”  After watching several YouTube videos, it’s hard not to have seen ads for different companies (NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Tunnelbear or a million others) full of ominous warnings that unless you pay for their service, your private internet

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