Floating concerts spring up across campus

The Swarthmore Floating Concert Series, a pop-up concert project created by Jonathan Kay ’20 where students are given the location an hour before the event, has eight more shows lined up this semester. Various factors influenced Kay’s creation of the event, including

Arrangement request at Olde Club prompts strong reactions

At the beginning of his band’s set, Tiyé Pulley ’19 made an announcement to the crowd, asking members to arrange themselves in a particular manner. His band, GOODGOODNOTBAD, was performing in Olde Club last Friday as a part of a student band

The highs and lows of “Dirty Mike and the Boys”

What do Dirty Mike and the Boys have in common with The Doors, Coldplay, Vampire Weekend and Hall & Oates? They all formed during the experiential roller-coaster years of college. Amid Swarthmore’s famous workload, 8:30 a.m. classes on Fridays and Sharples food,

Jamming the system with Parangaterxs

“Don’t let Arizona take us back!” called Ximena Violante ’14 into the dark, swaying crowd. There, under the lights of Olde Club, the Swarthmore mariachi band’s “radical baby” was born. Fresh from a semester abroad, Ximena Violante ’14 needed a band to