No action on approved referendum

Last semester, the campus voted in favor of a referendum that Greek organizations admit students of all genders. However, no action to enforce this proposal has been taken. The movement began on February 14, when a group of students petitioned for a


Consent Is Sexy

A diverse collection of student groups joined together this past weekend to promote consent culture and create a safer party environment. Parties hosted at Olde Club, Paces and both fraternities all required students to show proof of attendance in the form of

Greek Life Referendum a Dangerous Precedent

Over the last week, debates over Greek life have revealed the intense divide between those for and against the institution. The Phoenix’s staff editorial last week calling for a referendum to ban all Greek life opened the floodgates. Within a day after

Freedom And the Greek Life Referendum

The prospect of a referendum to ban a set of student groups should is not something that sat easily with me at first. We must always be concerned when the majority seeks to impose its will on a minority, when any freedom