A step in the right direction: queering college history

Four alumni historians and current senior Ali Roseberry-Polier captivated a packed LPAC Cinema on Friday afternoon, thanks to Assistant Professor of History Farid Azfar, who organized the “Queer Histories of Swarthmore” panel that constitutes a crucial part of the College’s Sesquicentennial celebrations.

An open letter to President Chopp

President Chopp, I got home from work today and eagerly started reading the book for Swarthmore’s 150th, “Swarthmore College, A Community of Purpose.” It was especially enjoyable to read about the birth of the honors program under President Aydelotte and how it


College preps for sesquicentennial festivities

This year, the college will hold a variety of events to celebrate its sesquicentennial, or 150th anniversary, ranging from a symposium of alumni to the premiere of a documentary about the college. The sesquicentennial events aim to engage alumni, students, faculty, and


Swarthmore to Celebrate Sesquicentennial

In 2014, Swarthmore College will become 150 years old. Much is still undetermined about what should be done in commemoration. But the current list of what is being planned, which includes a book that discusses the history of the college and a