Saying Goodbye

The summer I was eleven I got a hand-me-down dress from my cousin. The dress was perfect. It was pale green with little orange flowers and it fit exactly right. It wasn’t frilly. It was simple and wonderful. Wearing it made me

An Expert’s Guide to Eating Alone in Sharples

There’s a magical hour every day when Sharples is almost empty, but still serving food. During this time, a small group of upperclassmen appears, each individually laying claim to a coveted date or circle table. They know each other, but they only

Swarthmore Reflections, Ruth Talbot

I have four clear memories of my first day at Swarthmore — more feelings at this point. The acute humiliation of a cool frat bro helping me carry a literal arms’ worth of tampons from Ben West to my dorm. The panic

Film and Media Studies majors showcase senior theses

On Monday evening, students from this year’s Film and Media Studies Capstone course unreeled their semester’s work to an eager audience. This year’s films and research projects demonstrate a wide array of talents and interests across the board. “Educated,” a short film

Personal Tidbits: Sex Advice for the Road

As I sit on my windowsill listening to the animated chatter from Parrish Beach echo throughout campus, I realize that this Swattie behavior signifies the beginning of the end. For most of you, it’s just the end of the semester. You’ll be