Smoke Detected in Science Center, No One Harmed

At approximately 10:30 a.m. on September 23, Public Safety responded to reports of smoke being detected in the air handler in the Science Center. According to Director of Public Safety Mike Hill, a light malfunction in the Science Center caused the smoke.

Students showcase summer research

This past week the Swarthmore national scientific research organization, Sigma Xi, showcased student summer research in the Science Center Commons Lounge. Each student researcher had a chance to exhibit their research to interested passersby. For many of the student researchers, getting involved

The battle of the coffee bars

You are in line at a coffee bar.  You reach into your pocket and pull out your OneCard with that picture you so desperately wish you could retake. You decide what you want to consume, trying not to think about the exponentially


Project shows corporate involvement in occupation

Students walking the path across the Science Center Lawn this week could not help but walk through a chain-link enclosure sprinkled with potted trees whose leaves intermingled with instantly-recognizable logos of international corporations. The display, called “Fruits of the Occupation”, was created

Now showing : The sun through a telescope

Are you ever curious about what is exactly on the surface of the Sun, the gaseous material that you are so familiar with? Do you want to witness the changes of the Sun every week? Now, there’s a chance waiting for you