BIENVENIDOS BLANCOS! NOIR — The Cigarette Stubs Version

Disclaimer: This article is a work of satire based on a previously published interview with director Alex Torra. This work aims to satirize the student journalist’s creative process rather than the play BIENVENIDOS BLANCOS or the interviewee. The circumstances surrounding the interview

Sharples Introduces New “Squirrel Bar”

Students eating lunch at Sharples on November 26th were greeted by an unfamiliar friendly smile, beaming from a small squirrel who had positioned himself comfortably behind the radiator near the back entrance to the building. Peeping his head out from his alcove,

Investigating the Cunningham Fire: Part 3 of 3

Nearly two months have passed since the Cunningham Fire ravaged Swarthmore’s most beloved frisbee practice field on September 21, 2019. The field has remained barren and fallow in the time since the flames overtook the soft, manicured grass. Students walking past it

Swing Tree Conspiracy Part 1: Suspicion

Over the 2019 summer, tragedy struck Swarthmore’s campus as it never has before. Going to school at an arboretum, each and every Swarthmore student feels intrinsically connected with the trees and plants around them, which made the summer storm all the more


Best Places to Poop at Swarthmore

Models: Daisy Lee ‘22, Grace Griego ‘22, Dakota Gibbs ‘19 Listen, we’ve all been there. You’re in seminar and you know you are NOT going to make it back to ML in time. Where do you go? I’ve got you covered. For

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