Student Activity Funding Processes Shift

This school year, there has been a major uptick in campus-wide entertainment events, such as Fun Fridays and Swatoberfest, as a result of changes in student activity funding. With a brand-new administrative office for student activities and new Student Budget Committee procedures,


Genderfuck Re-examined

Every spring, the college hosts a party known for its prominent and eye-popping title: Genderfuck. The term “genderfuck” refers to the deliberate effort to play with traditional notions of gender identity, which assume that one’s identity, role and orientation are determined by

Behind the Party Scene

This weekend, students attended the final hurrah for a two-year experiment in EDM, laser lights and neon knick-knacks. Officially the last of the popular Poon parties, Saturday’s Paces event generated a crowd that stands as a testament to the niche filled by


Yule Ball Budget Stirs Controversy

In the wake of the recent Yule Ball, students have disagreed vehemently over the event budget. Supporters claim that the Yule Ball, which received $3,000 from the Student Activities Committee (SAC) and more than $4,000 from Dean of Students Liz Braun and


Where Is Harry’s Gringotts Vault When You Need It?

This year’s Yule Ball will feature the usual wizard rockers, enchanting decorations, and magical food and drink, but on a significantly tighter budget than in years past, as the Student Budget Committee (SBC) decreased funding last spring for the Social Affairs Committee