Men’s Rugby Feels Revitalized

Back for their 31st season, the Swarthmore men’s rugby team is looking to revitalize a recently discouraged program. For the past three years, struggles have been plentiful for the club team. Lack of player commitment, manpower, and team standards all contributed to

Swarthmore throwers practice meticulous art

At 6 feet 2 inches and 230 pounds, Colton Aho ’15 resembles a tank. Lean, muscular and physically intimidating, Aho easily fits into any athletic environment. And, as one would expect, Aho can often be seen in both the field house and

Teamwork, hustle, sweat propel rugby

How would Kobe Bryant fare in a division-three rugby match? Well, obviously very well. But that’s because at 6’6 and 205 lbs, Kobe would tower over a scrappy Swarthmore team that prides itself on its wits and speed. Lets rephrase the question: