Thank a Haverford Student, No Seriously

As you may recall from orientation, Swarthmore was founded as a Quaker college. Specifically, Swarthmore was founded as a Hicksite Quaker college. You may be asking yourself, “What is a Hicksite Quaker college?” If you’ve ever been awed by Swarthmore’s prestige, rigor,

Into the Archives Column: The Beginning

If you’re researching Swat on the internet, the first sentence on the “about” page of its website reads: “Since its founding in 1864, Swarthmore College has given students the knowledge, insight, skills, and experience to become leaders for the common good.” As

Friends Library archives long history

Located immediately to the left of McCabe’s entrance, the Friends Historical Library Reading Room boasts artwork and rows of desks, looking like what one might expect in an almost 150-year-old academic library. The collection holds more than first meets the eye; amidst


Referendum Against Sorority Gains Prominence

As is now common knowledge across campus, the student group, Not Yet Sisters (NYS), worked with the college’s administration last semester to establish a sorority at Swarthmore that will open it doors to the community in Spring 2013. As students returned to

Swarthmore’s ongoing struggle with its Quakerism

Op-Ed by Erik Heaney Since I arrived on Swarthmore’s campus barely a year ago, I have noticed that this institution is undergoing a struggle with its identity and heritage. Much like that of an individual who struggles to reconcile conflicting cultural identities,

Encouraging community before Quakerism at Swat

The last two weeks for me have been what I can only describe as an “academic hangover,” where I woke up every day and thought, “What the hell did I just write?” My last column, “Why Quakerism at Swarthmore is Unproductive,” pointed