Students Revive Weekly ‘Pub Nite’ After Year-Long Break

Whether shown by the colorful posters pinned all around campus or  “Pub Nite” making its way back into the common Swarthmore vocabulary, a once-beloved tradition is back this semester. Traditionally, Pub Nite is a weekly, student-hosted party held on Thursday nights in


Party Scene Continues to Evolve

When students arrived on campus this Fall, the status of Swarthmore’s open party scene remained in limbo after the disbanding of fraternities on campus last spring. Now, halfway through Fall 2019, students seeking public parties can find them at Olde Club or


Future of Party Scene Remains Uncertain

The weekend after the first week of classes has traditionally been a time when one of the fraternities hosts a “disorientation” party. These parties have had a history of dangerous alcohol use, with a track record of hospitalizations that, similarly to Halloween

Underfunded and Underattended: Why Pub Nite Is Still Struggling

After years of predictions about Pub Nite’s imminent decay, it seems that the long-standing Thursday night tradition is now officially seeing its last days. Donations to the entirely student-funded event have declined due to reinforcement of the ban on drinking games, new

Pub Nite survives for another semester

For many past and present students, Thursday nights at Swarthmore College are known for Pub Nite. “Historically, the officers would charge $4 at the door every week, but when the alcohol policies went under change [several years ago], we weren’t able to

The sounds of pub nite always lead back to semisonic

Pub Nite can be pretty predictable when it comes to music. In the later part of the night, after the lights are turned off, music always shifts towards hits that are more dance-worthy, and of course, the night isn’t over until “American


Pub Nite in flux

Complicating tonight and future Pub Nites, administrators have told seniors that they may no longer collect money from students attending the traditional Thursday night event. The decision to ban Pub Nite fundraising began with an announcement by Provost Tom Stephenson that the