Jericho Brown: A Night of Poems

He looked directly into the camera and fervently declared, “Call me your bitch, and I’ll sing the whole night long” (Track 1: Lush Life). Oceans deep and seconds apart, deep and poignant quiet impounded the silence between each of his words. This

Julian Randall ’16 Stuns with Debut Poetry Collection

Even the cover of “Refuse,” Julian Randall’s debut poetry collection, makes a bold statement: the title is in sharp black letters against a stormy sky, with a winged black boy in the foreground, seemingly struggling to fly. This stunning image by the

Dawn Lundy-Martin delivers intimate, electrifying reading

Around thirty people crammed their way into a Kohlberg classroom this past Monday to hear the poetic musings of Dawn Lundy-Martin. Starting at 7PM, the reading’s timing catered more to a post-dinner nap than an exercise in the written word; certainly the