Childhood, Cannabis, and Cycles: Chitchatting with James Padilioni

Professor James Padilioni is a visiting assistant professor in the religion and environmental studies departments. His interests lie in African Diasporic ritual, healing justice, and herbalism — topics that explore the overlap of religion and environmental studies. Professor Padilioni has taught classes

Nature’s Murmur

Timescale Chauvinism is the idea that people exhibit bias in favor of their normal pace of existence. Daniel Dennett, in his book “Kinds of Minds”, proposes this concept to explain that people tend to disregard intelligence at a slower speed. Take a

An eye-opening walk in the park (or, arboretum)

 The Scott Arboretum is as much a source of beauty as allergic reactions: a collection of taxonomically classified plants. It is accessible to individuals for free at any time, and to organized tour groups according to a regular schedule. On Sunday, September