The Weight of Photos

What can a photographer do in a war? Robert Capa, Willi Ruge, Larry Burrows, and more have shown us through their pictures the power of photography and its influence on the general public. In Robert Capa’s most iconic image of the Spanish

Drexel at Olde Club

Last week, Drexel bands Hotel Breakfast, Simply Sedated, Slow Burning Daydream, and The Jette Planes performed at Olde Club. Photos shot on a Nikon d7000.

Type Two Fun: My Earth Day Photo Dump

I have, in a conservative estimate, roughly 3,000 nature photos taking up iCloud storage on my phone. They fill my Instagram and my camera roll, and I’m way more likely to have a photo of whatever specific mountain you can name than

Artist of the Week Miranda Roelandt ’22

As senior Miranda Roelandt described her commencement into film photography, she recalled wanting to find a new way to convey the intersection between natural structures and freeform movement. Through the trial and error of learning film’s technical aspects, such as balancing chemicals

Birds I’ve Met and the Peace I’ve Found

In March 2020, barely into the throes of the pandemic, Nick Lund (my favorite bird writer) wrote an article for Slate titled, “You Have No Choice but to Become a Backyard Birder.” Though perhaps a little threatening, he was right. I had

A Private Look into Privations

I have four siblings, and my family is poor. Both circumstances meant that until I was sixteen, the farthest I had travelled from my home in New York was New Jersey. The first time I was able to leave the United States

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