A Journey Through Memories

“Blossoming Bonds: South Carolina Adventures” This image, featuring a tender white blossom set against a soothing pink canvas, evokes memories of the profound connections among our track team members on our memorable South Carolina journey. As we ventured together, eager to compete

48 Hours in Murchison Falls

Last semester, I studied abroad in Rwanda and Uganda. During my time in Uganda, my program took us to spend two days at the Nile River and on a safari in Murchison Falls National Park. The park is the largest in Uganda

Self-Love in an Age of Self-Scrutiny: A Visual Essay

Vanity — when is it allowed, and when is it frowned upon? Who is allowed to be vain and who is not? And where lies the line between vanity and self-love? These are questions that have interested me since the very first

Towards High Fashion in FamilyMart: A Visual Essay

Accessorization is ideology. Rather than being what we eat, we are what we wear, regardless of whether one’s wardrobe is full of carefully-curated intent or blasé could-not-care-less inclinations. Ask me what my favorite piece is right now and I’d easily pick my

Do Memes Imitate Life, or Vice Versa? Signs of the Climate Strike

Last Friday, September 20th, Gidon Kaminer ’22 and I participated in the Philadelphia Climate Strike alongside hundreds of our fellow Swatties and other climate-concerned youth. Naturally, a major facet of the strike’s iconography was composed of signs relating to our collective outrage

The Cycle of Life: The Hidden Life of Bicycles

Few vehicles can claim the versatility of the bicycle. Since their invention in nineteenth-century Europe, they have come to serve as transportation, as a means of fitness, and as recreation, among other uses. I firmly believe that the bicycle is also the