Student Protests, Hunger Strike Follow Phi Psi Sit-In

[Editor’s note: This article addresses events that happened in the Spring 2019 semester after our last regular issue of The Phoenix was published. Now that the school year and our coverage has resumed, we are covering these events now because they are

SwatTeam Leadership Statement: End Fraternity Violence

We, the members of SwatTeam Leadership, would like to reach out to the Swarthmore community to address our role at events, including fraternity parties, in light of recent reporting about various violations of student safety committed by the fraternities. These complaints include

The Frat Leak Matters — Even If You Don’t Go to Frat Parties

Last week, both The Phoenix and Voices published articles documenting histories of racist, sexist, and homophobic practices within Phi Psi during 2013 and 2014, along with documents describing their pledging process, all from leaked internal documents. Since then, Swat alums — both

Phi Psi Leak Suggests Evidence of Hazing

The Phoenix obtained unsolicited Phi Psi internal files from an anonymous source that reveal details of the Phi Psi pledging process. The files include folders with documents, photos, and videos detailing aspects of the pledging process, among other information, as far back