General Election 2022: What are the Stakes?

Although the Pennsylvania general election does not take place until Nov. 8, committed Swarthmore students and on-campus organizations such as Swarthmore Democrats and the non-partisan voting group SwatVotes, have begun mobilizing their efforts towards voter registration and increasing voter turnout. According to


Swarthmore Community Pushes to Get Out the vote

Despite Swarthmore’s widely-held reputation as a college committed to democratic engagement, more than half of Swarthmore students did not exercise their civic right to vote in the 2016 and 2018 elections. Seeking to rectify this shortcoming and placing a high value on

Acting on Pennsylvania’s Clean Power Plan

We write this op-ed to express our frustration at the recent Supreme Court decision to block the Clean Power Plan, an important piece of climate change legislation that had the potential to drastically reduce U.S. carbon emissions. We strongly encourage Pennsylvania legislators

A change of guard

Pennsylvania is broken. While neighboring New York is poised to have a surplus of over $4 billion next year, our state is anticipating a $1.3 billion deficit. It is facing mounting pension costs. Philadelphia schools are falling apart. Yet in spite of