A Case for Open Borders

Following Congress’ failure to fund a continuous wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, President Trump declared a state of national emergency for what he claims is an immigration crisis. This follows the 35-day government shutdown in December and January over the same border

Let’s Put Climate Over Culture

Climate change is real and it is happening right now. Maybe the changes are not happening in an obviously wild or visual way, but it cannot be denied that climate change is occurring and we as a nation are doing little to

Modern Monetary Theory Isn’t a Panacea

Modern monetary theory, which holds that the government can massively increase spending without worrying much about the deficit, has recently been thrust into policy debates by progressive members of Congress. Some members have advocated for MMT to shape how Congress thinks about

Don’t Impose Identities on Others

Assumptions are some of the earliest developed tools we humans have, ingrained in us from those older ones who “know better.” Whether learned through stereotypes or overdone jokes, it’s not particularly uncommon to have ready-made expectations about what identities people may have