Low-Income Students Shouldn’t Be a Low Priority

Despite efforts from the administration to level the playing field between low-income, first-generation students at Swarthmore and their more privileged peers, the administration struggles to see the real issue at hand — that this institution was built for the wealthy, by the

Trump’s Nominees Will Undermine the Fed

Donald Trump recently announced his intention to fill the two open spots on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors by nominating Herman Cain and Stephan Moore. Both have no monetary policy experience and are grossly unqualified for the job, but there’s something

“The Cursed Child” Brings Magic to Life

One point that I have found to be absolutely amazing about Swarthmore is that almost all Swatties can immediately bond over Harry Potter. And it’s not just Swatties who can share this bond. This past Winter break, at an externship, my mentor

Finding a Place on Campus to Rest and Revive

What are the most important functionalities for the public spaces on campus? The most common concerns are always whether the public areas can satisfy our academic or social needs. Are there enough rooms for us to study quietly? What are the best

Swarthmore and the Post-Modern Episteme

In a recent Super Bowl advert for Pepsi, Cardi B asks us to reconsider the question “Is Pepsi Okurrr?”. “Of Course Pepsi is Okurrr” she says. The “Is Pepsi Ok?” campaign, which has also featured Steve Carell, seeks to soothe a sore

A Border Wall Will Only Inspire More Fear

President Trump’s campaign hinged on extreme right-wing rhetoric. One of the most celebrated tenets of this rhetoric was his idea to build a border wall. Shouts of “Build the wall!” can still be heard from the mouths of Trump supporters, as has

Why ISIS Remains a Threat

“U.S.-Backed Forces Declare Defeat Of ISIS ‘Caliphate,’” the headline read. On Saturday, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the militant jihadist group that has terrorized the world, and especially Iraq and Syria, finally lost the last remnants of its territory in