West of the Old World

Whenever I pass by the Public Safety building, I always take a long moment to stop and watch the scenery around me. I look at the humble, grey stone house with the words “PUBLIC SAFETY, VISITOR INFORMATION,” proudly printed on its entryway.

Profiles in Art: Yixuan “Maisie” Luo, Piecing Life Together

Above the restless heads of students waiting in long lunch lines that extend beyond the double stairs at Sharples, three paintings — “Man Eating Crispy Chicken,” “Man Eating Greasy Pizza,” and “Woman Eating Juicy Wrap” — silently loom. True to their straight-forward

Diamond’s Senior Exhibition Launches Series

As a monitor in the List Gallery, I have the privilege of spending 2.5-3 hours each week surrounded by a varying landscape of paintings, drawings, and sculpture.  This year, I’ve feasted my eyes on colorful seascapes, mysterious forest scenes, intricately made family