The Battle of Alberta

Canadians are typically depicted in pop culture as overly kind people that tend to apologize too much. The recent hockey games that have taken place in the Canadian city of Alberta over the past couple of months, however, have been anything but


The State of Sports Gambling

In 2015, Tayla Polia made a five-dollar bet on fifteen NFL games at 20,000 to one odds. By the end of the weekend, she had made $100,005. Most people that engage in sports gambling, however, are not as lucky as Polia. In

Looking Ahead to Summer 2019 in Sports

As the semester winds down and your favorite Swarthmore athletic teams close out their seasons, a fearful question begins to reside inside you: “How will I fulfill my need for sports-viewing while being away from campus for the summer?!” Unfortunately, it is

Fighting in the NHL Continues in its Downfall

 The NHL has always struggled to add new followers to their sport. Viewership across America is dwarfed by the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Many cannot name more than three or four teams outside of their local organization. However, one thing almost everyone

The Importance of the NHL Final Push

Unlike most other American sports leagues and despite a long 82-game season, the National Hockey League structure allows 16 of the 31 teams to make the playoffs; that’s over half. This makes for a lot of parity in the playoffs. Consider the

NHL playoff roundup

In order to win what is often considered one of the most difficult trophies in all of professional sports, hockey players put everything on the line for two months hoping to etch their names into the history books. A team must win

Examining the NHL’s Olympic ban

The Winter Olympics bring together the world’s best athletes on one grand stage. Big names in winter sports from around the world to compete for what is arguably the most prestigious athletic honor: an Olympic gold medal. This year, however, the National